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National STEM Day takes over Tabasco!

Posted Date: 11/15/2021

It’s a national event, but Tabasco Elementary students took it into their own classrooms to express their love and excitement for the STEM areas of education.

In every grade level, the classrooms were active on Nov. 8 – nationally recognized as National STEM Day – with activities that focused on areas of science, engineering, and technology.

Students in first and fifth grade got to work on engineering and problem solving through the creation of magnet and marble mazes, respectively. They got to design their own sets to use and share with their friends and family.

In second and fifth grade, aerospace engineering was the focus of the day, with second graders designing rockets and fourth graders working with glider and helicopter designs to test aeronautical engineering.

Third graders worked on a parachute challenge and got to experience the wonder of flight outside when they tested them.

Kinder students also looked to the stars, creating designs of constellations with sweet treats that made the activity all the more engaging.

And, finally, Pre-K students got to create their own kaleidoscopes, learning about the power of light to create beautiful designs through the science of refraction and reflection.

National STEM Day was a major hit at Tabasco, and students were engaged and active in the learning process.