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ACE Program expands at Tabasco

Posted Date: 10/23/2021

ACE Program expands at Tabasco

The Tabasco Elementary Afterschool Centers for Education is under way in the 2021-2022 school year, and it has brought students together to help grow their varied interests and give them an outlet for creativity and personal growth.

This year, the ACE Program, under the direction of Mrs. M. Robledo, has expanded its offerings to include cheer/dance, arts & crafts, Folklorico, and the new additions of the Book Club and Tech Club.

The Tabasco Elementary dancers have already made appearances at local events, and newer clubs, such as the Tech Club, which has expanded the focus of the robotics club of previous years, helps students grow their technology skills in different areas including coding and 3D printing design. In the Book Club, the students participate in literacy-based activities that allow them to explore elements of literature through discussion and fun activities.

As ACE program continues, other events could be added. Tabasco is proud to offer these enrichment activities to students as an extension of their daily educational experiences.


CAPTION: The Tabasco Elementary cheer/dance team appears at an event recently at La Joya High School Stadium.