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Esports gets rolling at Tabasco

Posted Date: 10/23/2021

Esports gets rolling at Tabasco

Video games – are they good for anything? Tabasco Elementary’s new Esports team, the Tabasco Enforcers, is out to show that video games within the right structure and setting can prove beneficial to students in ways that some might not expect.

The team has just started competing in tournaments as part of the Middle School Esports League, a national organization that aims to link up teams with others in their region for weekly Esports competition. The league is currently undergoing its Fall Major tournament, in which students can compete in a slew of games including Rocket League, Pokémon Unite, Knockout City, Chess, and Minecraft.

The team is only open to fifth graders for competition. In the spring, the team has plans to expand into a club so that current fourth graders can start to learn the ropes about how the league works and how the structure of an Esports league helps keep things organized and safe for student competition. Esports can be beneficial to students because it teaches teamwork, leadership skills, and various 21st Century skills that they can apply later in life.

The team currently has 10 fifth graders signed up and is ready for competition to continue throughout the fall! Perhaps they will see you on the digital playfield!



Photo Caption: Fifth-grader Omar Saenz III moves to make a play in as the Tabasco Enforcers compete in a game of Rocket League recently as part of Middle School Esports League competition.