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Digital Learning Day takes over Tabasco

Posted Date: 04/14/2021

Digital Learning Day takes over Tabasco


With remote learning taking over the country, it could be argued that any day has become a “digital” learning day.

Nevertheless, Tabasco teachers continued to place a focus on providing interesting and engaging instructional activities for their students this past Feb. 25, also recognized nationally as Digital Learning Day.

With the current environment of learning through Google Meet, working on Seesaw, and reading digital books, teachers are finding it is still possible to provide novel experiences through special websites and applications that help to engage students in quiz shows, team games, and new ways to cooperate.

“It’s really impressive to see teachers embracing and putting all the knowledge they’ve been learning at technology workshops in the past few years into practice practically every day now that we’ve integrated remote instruction into our daily routines,” said Mr. P. Oliva, a teacher at Tabasco Elementary who is also the campus technologist.

Teachers at Tabasco are increasingly using apps like Jamboard to implement class-wide cooperative participation, and are getting the students into the energy of friendly competition through sites like Quizizz and Kahoot!, where they are able to test their knowledge against their fellow classmates.

Teachers also continue to implement staples like Peardeck and Google Slides to engage their class.