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Thumbnail Image for Article 6763Expectations set for an excellent year at Tabasco
Posted Date: 11/05/2016

By Pedro Oliva

Expectations, expectations. In our lives, we hear a lot about them and are expected to live up to them.

Meeting them is always key to success, and the level of achievement is directly connected to the amount of emphasis placed on them from the start.

So this year Tabasco Elementary teachers and students have been trying to get off on the right foot with strong emphasis on making them clear across the board.

Special focus has been placed on cafeteria expectations, but also important are how students should act in the hallways and how they should be treating one another in general.

Students across the school took their expectations lessons and translated them into printed work.

It helps for the students to internalize their understanding of what teachers and administrators expect of them if they are writing it, saying it, and acting it out themselves.

One second-grade class, Ms. Barrera’s, even made a video where students participated in acting out the expectations for the hallway, the cafeteria, and the restroom.

Elsewhere, students gave examples and non-examples of the expectation, modeled behavior for their classmates, and made charts outlining the proper ways for students to act in their classroom and elsewhere all around the school.

Tabasco students are committed to making sure that all conduct expectations are met throughout the school year.

Tabasco Elementary students are heading back into several routines as the new school year goes under way, and one of the most important of them is their lunch time in the cafeteria.

Students are expected to reflect our three guiding expectations — Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe — at all times when in the cafeteria.

Students have been practicing several procedures that help them maintain the proper environment in the cafeteria. These include entering the cafeteria quietly, maintaining their line order, and using low voices while at their tables.

Students’ ability to follow these expectations is being monitored, and each day it is noted which color their table receives: green, yellow, or red.

Students have been made aware of the intention for all classes to maintain a green color every day, and it will be noted on the log for the six weeks so they can receive the proper recognition!